O.T. Genasis learned at an early age that he had to be fearless to survive the notorious streets of his hometown, Long Beach, CA. A natural hustler, O.T. became influenced by Legends like Snoop Dogg, Tupac, and Jay-Z, and began to channel his passion towards music. 

In 2011, he caught the attention of music mogul, 50 Cent, and signed a single track deal with 50 Cent’s label, G-Unit, for his song, “Jackie Chan.” In 2012, O.T. released a mixtape titled “Black Belt” with G-Unit.  

O.T. did not stop there. He continued writing music and honing his craft. As his legend grew, O.T. became known for his ferociousness on stage, attacking each performance with abandon. Soon, O.T.’s relentlessness and work ethic caught the attention of another Legend, Busta Rhymes. In 2014, O.T. released the mixtape “Catastrophic 2” with Busta Rhymes and J. Doe.  O.T. also rereleased a remix of his song “Touchdown” featuring French Montana, Busta Rhymes, and Juicy J. 

Not long after, O.T. rocketed to stardom with his mega-hit “CoCo.”  DJs across the country such as Funkmaster Flex, Felli Fel, Khaled, and Greg Street crowned “CoCo” as the “hottest song in the streets and the clubs.”  Filed with O.T.’s charismatic delivery and clever wordplay, and the video provides a glimpse into O.T.’s performance skills and magnetic energy he takes to the stage at his live shows.  As a result, “CoCo” became a YouTube sensation with more than 60 million views and became a certified multi-platinum single. 

Since that time, O.T. has continued to churn out hits including “Do It” featuring Lil Wanye, multi-platinum hit “Cut It,” and recent hit single, “Big League.”  His live performances remain Legendary and full of energy.  

O.T. brings that same tenacity and dedication to his wellness and to the gym, whether he is lifting weights, boxing, or doing cardio.  But no longer that teenager from the streets of Long Beach, between touring, guest appearances, and churning out mega-hits, to be able to maintain his torrid pace, O.T. focuses on wellness, recovery, and relaxation.  Thankfully, he came across CBD as a way to help.  To bring the benefits he has experienced to his fans, O.T. partnered with Legends of Hemp to develop Big League CBD, named for his mega-hit “Big League.”  We hope you enjoy it as much as O.T. does.